How It Works

Unless you do it all, your customers need additional home services that you don't offer.

And finding good service providers to do the work isn't easy.

What if you could help your customers solve their problem and make more money at the same time?

It's so easy, I wish I discovered you years ago. I've missed out on earning thousands, but not anymore. Mike, XYZ Window Cleaning, Inc.

We've built a well oiled machine that provides services that you don't offer and give you a cut of the revenue.

All you do is include one of our physical or electronic flyers with your invoice and we take care of the rest.

The flyer directs your customers to a custom webpage that highlights your brand and offers other home services that they need.

After your customer books a service, we handle everything from answering the phones, scheduling service, completing the service, collecting payment, and following up to ensure the job was done right.

All you do is sit back and collect your commission checks after jobs have been completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this hurt my business?
No, it will do the opposite. We only promote services that complement, rather than compete with your business. You'll save your customers the hassle of finding someone to do the work they already want done and you'll also secure exclusive discounts on tha work, so they'll think even more highly of you, and have more money to spend with you in the future.
It is really as easy and lucrative as you say it is?
Yes, but don't take our word for it. Here's what other service providers have to say about us: (Work on get testimonials from providers we've worked with, doesn't have to specifically be for this until we've launched)
How much can I expect to make?
It depends on how many customers you have and which non-competitive services you'd like offered to your customers.
How much extra work will I have to do?
Almost nothing, we handle nearly all the extra work. If you use electronic invoicing all you need to do is add an extra page to your invoice to offer additional services to your customers. If you use paper invoices, all you need to do is attach one of our flyers to it that promotes your branded webpage.
When do I get paid?
You'll earn your commission after we receive payment for a successfully completed job. Your earnings will be paid monthly after you've earned a minimum of $200.
What could my earnings look like?
You'll earn between 10% to 30% of the first job for each service. This varies by service type. For an average window cleaning job, of $300 you might earn $60. For an average lawn care job, you might earn 10% of the first two to four jobs because jobs tend to be smaller, but recurring. (Provide more examples)
Can you send me more work for my business?
Yes we can. Not only will we send you work from our partners in non-competing services but we are also generating a constant stream of customers via our marketing programs. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you grow your business.
Can you help me with the administrative aspects of my business like answering the phone, sending reminders, and scheduling jobs?
Yes we can. We've built custom software that simplifies these tasks and a call center to handle customer questions, so you can focus on your business instead of administrative tasks.